We recently bought a flagpole to be placed in front of Willows Care Home to celebrate all of the country’s national holidays and important social events. Our residents specifically requested one as they feel that it is vital to show appreciation for the days that really matter – such as St George’s Day, Remembrance Day, VE Day, Pride and so on.

For the rest of the year, a ‘filler’ flag was needed, and residents and staff came up with the brilliant idea of creating a Willows Flag.

Staff found a website that creates homemade flags and suggested that the Willows Flag should incorporate the Willows logo, while our home manager, Claudia, wanted to include the Canford Healthcare value tree.

As soon as the flag arrived in the post, residents were eager to raise it. So, with the help of activities assistant, Emil, our residents Peggy, Ludwig, Wegrzyn and Jenny raised the flag together and it is now flying proud and high in the summer breeze!