Congratulations to Peggy James and Iris Stanley who are the new resident ambassadors here at Willows Care Home!

This means they will take part in activities and events, meet with the home’s management team to discuss issues raised by residents – and basically be the voice of all the residents who live in the home.

Despite both only being here at Willows for just over a year, Peggy and Iris have adapted really well to their new environment. They have quickly become important members of the home’s community and you’re always assured of a smile and a warm welcome from them.

For Peggy, family is a crucial part of her life – she has children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren! She loves to get involved in all the activities here at Willows and is wonderful at helping new residents feel at home.

Iris lived in Norway when she was younger and has many great memories of her adventures there. Family is also very important for her – she has both children and grandchildren, and is still awaiting the arrival of great-grandchildren. Iris is known for being very compassionate and giving good advice to those in need.

Iris and Peggy are great friends and do lots of activities together, so it is no surprise that they can provide a great service to the home and be the voice for the residents’ collective wants and needs!

Michelle Golbourne, our head of activities, loves having Iris and Peggy around. “They’re like two peas in a pod!” she says. “They are incredibly straight talking – which you really need in a resident ambassador – and they’re always willing to help, especially here in activities.”