Caron Sanders-Crook, our operations manager, is the author of the newly published Behind The Smiles, a no-holds barred exploration of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and its devastating impact on individuals and families.

The book is based on Caron’s personal experiences – she nearly lost her husband to PTSD – as well as her in-depth research and study, and the learning of therapeutic techniques to combat this distressing condition. She combines her learning with her past knowledge of therapies and time spent counselling and mentoring people. She has observed the effect of these techniques and noted which ones are best at healing relationships and turning things around. The book is particularly aimed at veterans, those in HM forces, the police, firefighters, prison workers, ambulance staff, health and social care workers, although it can be useful to everyone.

Caron says: “I hope this book connects with families in a way that supports families living with PTSD, offering hope, connection, and a way to find happiness where there is isolation, despair and emotional pain.”

Behind the Smiles has already reached best-seller rating in three categories – Mood Disorders, Family and Marriage and Depression and Mental Health. It has also been described by #1 NY Times bestselling author Marci Shimoff as “A brilliant resource for frontline workers, nurses, caregivers, and family members supporting a loved one with PTSD.”

Behind the Smiles is available here from Amazon. Buyers also receive a free sheet of High Touch Jin Shin (acupressure) finger holds that are designed to help manage the symptoms of PTSD.